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It all starts with a scientific and a theological bomb.

Watching wildlife, basic biology and basic physics reveals that

the true story of life of our blue planet is neither about Creation or Evolution, but about the recovery of a past earth destroyed by a supernova. The willpower of biological life is such,

that right after its dismantling, life began a slow self-reassembling mistaken for the birth of the solar system, the same for an evolution of life. 

We live today on a resurrected earth, in a resurrected solar system. 

This chronology is verified in wildlife, paleontology and

the Holy Scriptures as well.

Creation versus Evolution originated from a misreading of the Holy Scriptures.

Humans, including the authorities, are in a top priority emergency,

and any other topic in comparison is a childish game. 

Does it make a difference that the whole process of biological life

is a recovery instead of an evolution

Absolutely, because a specific action in progress implies a specific outcome.

Like a coil spring of an unbelievable power that has been stretched, and then tightens itself to retrieve its initial condition, the whole biosphere too, is forcing its way to restore its initial condition.

Our civilization is unaware of the situation and is blindly going

in the opposite direction, hindering the course of nature.

How can we naively and stupidly hope to compete with the universe

and avoid getting crushed by the rings of the tightening cosmic coil spring?

The truth is that earth and its biodiversity have never been

really threatened, because our home planet is a living organism owning an ultra-sophisticated immune system with

phenomenal intelligence and capabilities.

This is why despite several cataclysms, or countless of meteorites

that impacted our planet since the presence of life,

no kind of virus or bacteria from outer space or anything else,

has yet wiped out all life on Earth. Obviously, there is certainly

a great power that does not allow life on earth to be eradicated.

Since early life, this invisible defense system is waging war

on any species that would threaten the entire ecosystem on the planet,

as the dinosaurs did. These beasts were destroying life at great pace

to feed their oversize bodies but their powerful useless mass

became eventually their weakness; they died out from induced starvation because their demise was premeditated.


Humans, today’s dinosaurs, have been lured into a trap in antiquity, 

to be isolated from all the other species for an eventual mass extinction. Acquiring knowledge that brought us a high-technology 

was intelligently planned. Modern technology is a booby trap:

the rope with which we will hang ourselves.

This power we are so proud of became our weakness from

our dependence on it, exactly like the dinosaurs’ powerful size

was dependent on food quantity. 

Our addiction to high-technology could send most of mankind to its end.

Most of the species if not all of them, cannot survive and reproduce 

in a badly polluted environment, which could take long time to purify itself. To this effect, our planet has been equipped with a safety system

capable to eradicate an unacceptable global pollution in a very short period of time and this, through a temporary change in the laws of physics

caused by a cataclysm. This event will also suppress all sources

of energy that fuel our technology.

We just need to show evidence of the existence of this absolute power

to the authorities with a number of simple actions carried out simultaneously by thousands of people (worldwide the better),

and for a period of maybe two weeks. These coordinated actions should trigger various reactions on our planet like climate or earthquake activity, as well as in space, noticeable enough to grab the attention

of the authorities and scientists.

Regardless about the belief or not in this theory, there is nothing to lose

in trying it; if nothing comes out, the actions taken will be very positive

for the ecosystem anyway.

What are these actions?

They will be revealed soon.