Animal Issues
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Campaigns telling people about animal cruelty are useless;

the whole world knows that animals are being abused everywhere. 

Huge amount of money from donations are used to produce  beautiful and expensive posters or videos, telling people to take action:

but what actions?

To donate again, carrying stickers, marching in the streets?

This is activism, and activism is barking; actionism is biting.

Despite the increase of donations, animal abuse and the destruction

of the ecosystem are constantly on the rise. We need actions, not ads.


The animal welfare is a widespread issue, so it is necessary

to have widespread actions from small groups, 

not just from big centralized organizations.

Rescues are a 'must', because they lower animal suffering

but they will not lower animal cruelty. So, what would?

Laws to protect animals do exist, but punishments, already too mild,

are hardly taking place and if we 'enforce these laws' ourselves,

we may end up in jail. 

So, what's left? Watch, cry, and do nothing?

No. There is one more way: the only way.

Many of us feel that the abuse of the innocents is wrong

and could end up in disasters,  but we cannot prove it because

we don't understand the purpose and complexity of life. 

It is here indeed that the solution stands; to begin with the beginning.

World rulers, who ever they are, are the only powers

that can lower efficiently animal abuse if they really want to,

but they lack the motivation; let's give it to them by proving them

that this practice is not in their interest.

In other words: let's scare them. How to accomplish that?

Simply with the discovery of the true story of our planet, which unveils the purpose

of all life. It is there indeed that the solution stands.

Animals are not just an accident of nature or a simple product

of biological adaptation: their struggle has a goal.

Our planet is a living organism in a long process

to reach a accomplishment. Animals are instinctively aware of it 

and they are working on it very hard through countless generations.

Humans are unaware of the purpose of life on earth,

and they are bothering the whole process in progress, 

by sacking the planet, and especially torturing and destroying 

the 'closest allies' of Mother Earth: the fauna and the flora.

We have to understand what is really going on.